To be creative, you have to adopt a slower pace. You have to have the bandwidth for things to sink in. Starting your day by storming on the backlog from a week ago, or rushing from one task to another, multitasking and constantly switching context is not healthy, not efficient, and most of all, it doesn’t allow you to build or regain creative energy. It’s a sure recipe for burnout.

My notebook, combined with my awful handwriting, forces me to slow down. I have to take the time to plan my day with a pen and paper. I am writing way more slowly than I am typing, especially since I need to craft the letters in a way that will allow me to read what I wrote later, and I am less distracted than when I was doing all that on my laptop or on my smartphone. A notebook is a way calmer and slower medium. And that works out perfectly for me.

— Lidor Wyssocky